5 Stars from Slaughtered Bird for FLIM The Movie

The review For FLIM The Movie in Britain’s Slaughtered Bird Magazine is extraordinary. Star and director Raffaello Degruttola is pure comedic genius and according to TSB his Flim is “Nothing short of brilliant.” They write: “Aided by a perfectly assembled cast, we’re treated to a whole host of supporting players who could easily warrant a spin-off film of their own, all but a few proving to be just as flawed and unstable as Ravi, despite their controlled, professional exteriors. Stellar performances across the board provide the perfect blend of drama and comedy respite, with only a few characters possessing the ability to step back and understand the ludicrousness of it all with us at home – a nifty trick which helps hold the narrative together and release any pressure.”

Read the whole review here: http://theslaughteredbird.com/review-flim-the-movie/