Polo Field of Dreams

Sadie is producing & presenting a fresh, minty, fly-on-the-wall documentary about the Sport of Kings for RTHK & SkyPolo is one of the oldest, fastest and most dangerous team sports on earth. It is seen as epitomizing an exclusive, elite world drenched in luxury and privilege. But how Ralph Lauren is it really? And whose bright idea was it to put a hole in the middle?

Polo Field of Dreams charts the meteoric rise of the Hong Kong Polo Team. Once ridiculed as underdogs, the team are now experiencing success internationally and looking for a permanent home: their own Polo Field of Dreams.

Sadie goes behind the scenes at some of polo’s most (and least!) glamorous events to tell the rags to riches story of how an amateur team with no home and no horses are defeating overwhelming odds to triumph and reignite passion for the Sport of Kings in Asia.

The documentary hones in on the ragtag multicultural team’s eccentric personalities, exploring their lives on and off the polo field, and features interviews with several of the world’s best polo players.

Like the mint, so cool and so fresh, with a toothpaste aftertaste…