TV & music publishing deals for ‘Lucky’ Luke

Sadie has co-wrote spoof country & western track, the Ballad of Lucky Luke, with Col & Ryan Stanton for the soundtrack of her latest documentary, Tucker’s Luck. The film, in which Sadie mentors wayward wannabe horse whisperer ‘Lucky’ Luke Tucker, premiered on Sky’s Horse & Country channel (H&C) April 2011. It has since been repeated over 100 times. H&C was recently crowned ‘Best Specialist TV Channel’ at the prestigious 2011 Broadcast Awards in London.

Watch the film here:

Sadie arranges for her young mentee (Luke) to meet his hero Monty Roberts in Britain before sponsoring Luke to travel to America to fulfill his dream of training to become a professional horse whisperer at the Californian home of the legendary American horse whisperer. Lock up your horses…