How To Make Dough In A Pandemic

This summer I’ve been on a roll and made a lot of dough baking bread for Hong Kong NGO Breadline! The food waste charity delivers bread to the homeless and other vulnerable groups living on the streets or in shelters. But with shops, cafes and restaurants operating restricted hours at low capacity during the 3rd Wave, the charity is struggling to meet demand at a time it has never been higher. So, after reading about the charity’s struggles, I rallied a Baker’s Dirty Half Dozen of friends, family and neighbors together to see if we could support Breadline by baking our own. Thanks to the amazing team effort of roll models – Ying, Moira, Emma, Raquel, Chrizaline, Michelle, Mercy and Amy – we have turned this into a weekly initiative!

Last Friday we donated bread to a shelter for Kenyan women migrants and refugees (pictured below) after learning bread is part of their essential diet. We are now working with local artists on creating sustainable bread boxes out of recycled waste with doodled designs and messages of solidarity for our homeless friends. Big thanks to Breadline founder Daisy Tam Diers and HK Foodworks for enthusiastically supporting our Home Kong Kitchen initiative! To get involved as baker or artist, email or click on the link below to discover the many different ways you and/ or your community can contribute!

Roll models