Sadie’s first outing as Miss Adventure was in Miss Adventure meets Motorhead. Originally broadcast on Funny or Die in 2012, the skit was one of FoD‘s “Highest Rated Videos” (2013-2016) and piloted on Comedy Central. From 2014-2019, she gained a modicum of notoriety playing Miss Adventure 香港電台冒險小姐 in a variety of comic strands broadcast on RTHK Radio 3‘s Afternoon Drive.

    Her monthly humour column for RTHK Radio 3 Sharp Pains was shortlisted by the 2022 New York Festivals Radio Awards for ‘Best Regularly Scheduled Comedy Program‘. The Bake Fail episode was an Official Select of the 2022 On Air Fest in New York and nominated for ‘Moment of Comedy Gold‘ by the 2022 International Women’s Podcast Awards in London. In October 2023 she was nominated for ‘Moment of Comedy Gold’ by the 2023 International Women’s Podcast Awards for Home Spa

    The radio shows inspired some goofy columns and short stories for anthologies. In 2023 she performed Bake Fail at the Women in Publishing Society‘s launch of anthology Imprint 21 at the Hong Kong International Literary Festival. On 7 March she read The Snide Sniper at the 2024 Hong Kong Int Lit Fest launch of Imprint 22. She’s playing Mrs. Sharpe-Payne in a series of comedy podcasts based on her ‘3 terrifying short stories‘ that were originally published by Post Magazine

    Sadie played an actress of low moral repute in Contro Vento Films‘ comedy film FLIM the Movie. FLIM premiered during the 2014 Raindance Film Festival. In December 2014 the film was nominated for the Raindance Award at the British Independent Film Awards (BIFA). In Oct 2015 the film was selected by the New York Independent Film Festival. In 2020 she co-produced feature Transference, a bipolar love story, which went viral on YouTube (23M Views). In 2021 she executive produced short film Intuition. In 2024 she began producing feature To Love A Narcissist with Contro Vento Films.

    Sadie played Wanda in supernatural western film West of Thunder. The film received nominations for Best Film at the Toronto, Red Nation and American Indian film festivals. In Jan 2013 West of Thunder won the Political Film Society Award for Human Rights and Political Film Society Award for Peace. In 2013 the film won the Audience Award at the Almeria Western Film Festival in Spain.

    She won a BBC Talent competition for sketch show Sack the Writer, which she co-wrote & performed in for BBC Three. She was a performer in Pearson‘s ITV sketch show Stripped Off and web comedy series Living in a Box. She played fiery Donatella Del Vecchio in improvised BBC webisodes of The Del Vecchios. Her ETV comedy series Dinner Party was commended at the UK Broadcast Awards. She helped judge Channel 4‘s Comedy Circuit and presented cable comedy series The Bottom Line.

    She played Annie Milano in a year long run of Joey & Gina’s Wedding at the Cafe Royal, London. She performed with the Footlights in smokers and a revue at the Edinburgh Fringe. She’s an alumnus of the Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation and as a youth represented Hong Kong at the Vancouver International Comedy Festival performing her one-woman show, Faces.