Sadie has devised & written original comedy & entertainment formats for broadcasters including the BBC, Comedy Central, Sky & Channel 4. She received commendations at the UK Broadcast Awards & Rose d’Or Television Festival for comedy series Dinner Party. She won a BBC Talent competition for sketch series Sack the Writer. She worked as a writer & development producer for BBC Fiction Lab and Channel 4 Comedy Lab. She currently writes, produces & presents comedy and documentaries for Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK). She’s a writer for UK indie Greenhouse Media (GMI). Since 2019 she’s collaborated as part of a small creative team on indie film projects with Contro Vento Films.

    Sadie’s first foray into children’s stories The Wishing Machine is now being developed as a film. In 2020 she re-released the story as a free e-book to help families combat lockdown. Her second book is in development with a publisher. She writes/ presents a monthly humor column for RTHK Radio 3‘s 123 Show, Sharp Pains, which will also appear as a goofy column in the SCMP‘s Post Magazine, and a column as ‘Miss Adventure‘ for Hong Kong Buzz. She was a contributor in the Celebrity Cookbook, raising funds for The Prince’s Trust. She’s a member of SCBWI and the Hong Kong Writers Circle.

    In Sept she was awarded a place in the 2020 Proverse Poetry Prize for her first (and only) poem, War of Voices. Her poem will be published in Proverse‘s anthology, Mingled Voices (Volume 5) April 2021.