Sadie has devised & written original comedy & entertainment for broadcasters including the BBC, Comedy Central, Sky & Channel 4. She received commendations at the UK Broadcast Awards & Rose d’Or Television Festival for comedy series Dinner Party. She won a BBC Talent competition for sketch series Sack the Writer. She worked as a writer for BBC Fiction Lab and Channel 4 Comedy Lab. She writes, produces & presents podcasts, docs and humorous slots for Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK). Since 2019 she’s collaborated on indie film projects with Contro Vento Films.  

    Sadie’s first foray into children’s stories The Wishing Machine was published in 2014. Her monthly humour column for RTHK Radio 3, Sharp Pains, inspired a series of goofy columns published in the South China Morning Post‘s Post Magazine. Her ‘3 terrifying short stories‘ were published as a 4-page feature in the festive edition of the SCMP‘s Post Magazine Dec 12, 2021. In Dec 2022 Sharp Pains was long-listed by Farrago Books for the 2022-2023 Comedy Women in Print Prize. She previously wrote a column as ‘Miss Adventure‘ for HK Buzz.

    In Nov 2020 she was awarded a place in the 2020 Proverse Poetry Prize Anthology for her first poem, War of Voices. The anthology, Mingled Voices 5, was published by Proverse Publishing and Chinese University Press April 22, 2021. In July 2021 she performed the poem at the HKU Libraries Reading Club and recorded it for the Voice Your Passion poetry channel. Two of her poems won places in the 2022 Proverse Poetry Prize and will be published April 27 2023 in anthology Mingled Voices 7. On Nov 24 she read a poem at Mind HK‘s event Poetry for Mental Health: The Healing Power of Words.

    She’s a member of SCBWI, the Women in Publishing Society and the Hong Kong Writers Circle. Her short story Shitstorm was published in the Circle’s 2021 anthology After the Storm, launched at the 2021 Hong Kong International Literary Festival. She’s contributed short stories to anthologies Imprint 21 (WiPS) and A Book of Changes, a collaboration between HKWC and the Writers Roundtable. Both anthologies will launch in March at the 2023 Hong Kong International Literary Festival. Her story The Opposite of Truth was placed a runner up in Post-Apocalyptic Media‘s 2022 Short Story Contest

    Her ‘rant‘ on the horror and dark humour of having a mental health condition that’s often muddied with the spectre of nuclear attack was published in the South China Morning Post‘s Post Magazine June 12, 2022. She’s talked and written about mental health for blogs, magazines and charities. In 2010 she was a contributor in a Celebrity Cookbook raising funds for The Prince’s Trust. She’s editing a quirky charity cookbook to raise funds for the homeless in Hong Kong.