Mental Ideas @The AIBs

My virtual awards date was Hobo-dog Kaye. My attire was my dressing gown. I’d run out of wine so toasted The AIBs 2020 with a cup of FUEL high protein instant porridge. It was the most apt way of experiencing the drama of a 2020 awards show I could have hoped for. The show got off to an explosive start as international news broadcasters competed for who could win the PR contract for rebranding Hong Kong with a medley of petrol bombs being thrownIt was an intense two-part awards program produced and presented with unwavering gravitas. The lightest moment was when the AIB uploaded a mugshot of my leering face dementedly side-eying the award. Even I was scared my photo might glitch to life and shatter the screen of my iPad in a spontaneous smash and grab!

Mugshot of me channeling Jack Nicholson in The Shining

Luckily, it was all over before I could get in one good swing of my axe! Sky News StoryCast was Highly Commended for Polonium & the Piano Player and Tortoise Media‘s My Mother’s Murder was announced the Factual Podcast category winner. Congratulations to the Association for International Broadcasting on two excellent awards shows and all the worthy winners! It was a bewildering honor to have been shortlisted and one of the highlights of my year.

You can watch the full awards shows here!