Thank you for supporting Home Kong!

Crazy scenes across Hong Kong for the past few months as the panic buying craze spread faster than the virus! Supermarkets and pharmacies stripped bare. Even things like toothpaste. Like brushing your teeth was going to put Omicron off! “Sorry, mate, your breath stinks like stale dog biscuits. I’m going to infect the woman behind you instead. Unlike you, she flosses, too,” Omicron didn’t say.

The empty shelves and soaring food prices have been making things trickier at Home Kong Kitchen. We’ve had to come up with creative solutions to logistical challenges and reach those most in need. Mojo even launched a campaign to ‘Make HK Barely Tolerable Again‘. But thanks to the determination of HKK‘s incredible volunteers we kept operating and delivering home baked breakfasts, dry foods, canned foods and medical supplies to the homeless, abandoned covid-positive helpers and refugees. Thanks to everyone who has generously contributed for your solidarity and support. Every humble delivery of just a few necessities has felt like a tiny victory, but of course, we want to do more! 

We will be delivering home baked hot crossed buns baked by our resident p√Ętissier, Alana Ho, plus chocolate eggs and other treats on our Easter Bun Run this Thursday (April 14) and would LOVE to have your support! Please email or visit our website to find out how you can donate! 🇭🇰 🙏🏼 💛