RIP Frankie

Sadie is absolutely devastated one of her favorite people in all the world and acting/life mentors, Alex Giannini, who played her Dad in Joey & Gina’s Wedding and her big bro in BBC comedy The Del Vecchios – and who Sadie has loved like family for 20 years – has passed away aged 52. Al also starred in Sadie’s Dinner Party spin-off show Luigi’s Kitchen. The old friends most recently appeared together in fellow Del Vecchio sibling Raffaello Degruttola’s film FLIM The Movie. She sends all her love and deepest sympathies to Alex’s wife Jenny, their families and all their friends.

Alex Giannini, Sadie Kaye & Raffaello DeGruttola (The Del Vecchios, BBC)Frankie (Al Giannini) in The Del Vecchios (BBC)Alex Giannini as Frankie Del Vecchio (The Del Vecchios, BBC)Alex Giannini, Sadie Kaye & Raff Degruttola as Frankie, Dona & Johnny Del Vecchio (The Del Vecchios)Alex Giannini as Frankie (The Del Vecchios)