Charity Begins at Home Kong Kitchen!

This Easter, Home Kong Kitchen‘s incredible community delivered dozens of afternoon teas at homeless shelters and refuges across Hong Kong! Props to Alana Ho for the scones, Chriz Lim for the lemon cakes, Raquel Ate for the banana breads and our original Baker’s Dirty Half Dozen for the hot cross buns! Also to our amazing community of artists affected by mental health issues @Mental Ideas for their handcrafted notes and inspiring artwork!

As well as baking, collecting and delivering bread to homeless shelters, refuges and charities, Home Kong Kitchen is now delivering free breakfasts to anybody who needs it anywhere in Hong Kong! If you and your family are struggling to put food on the table, or if you’re from a refuge or shelter that has not yet sampled our baking and would like to, please take a moment to register!

Besides our regular deliveries to unlicensed shelters and ImpactHK, we have lots of special events lined up over the summer, including baking workshops with Breadline @Refugee Union, a monthly Picnic Project, a novelty cookbook and our first Bijou P√Ętisserie. Every cent we make is directly donated to homeless charities!

To volunteer for HKK as a home baker, bread donator or artist, email Happy Easter Homekongers! Thank you for all your kindness and support! 🇭🇰 🐰