Cream Teas & Lunar Deliveries!

My incredible community @Home Kong Kitchen utterly excelled themselves over the Lunar New Year holiday by donating ALL THIS to refugees @Refugee Union and the homeless @ImpactHK! For the first time ever, I had to hire a removals truck to shift it!!! Now I know why this year is called the Year of The Ox: because you have to be as strong as one to carry it.

We also served cream teas for refugees on Saturday at a special event organized for us by food waste NGO Breadline. I can’t wait to collaborate with Refugee Union on other events in the near future. Please support their incredible work by donating in any way you can!

Home Kong Kitchen now has its own website: We have just started a Breakfast’s On Us food drive where we deliver free breakfasts to people living in refuges and shelters. If you would like to be added to our deliveries list, please email me! We are also exploring setting up our own online bakery where you can order our home baked breads, bagels and muffins and we deliver it to your homes! We can’t promise it will be the best you’ve ever tasted but we CAN promise that every cent we make will be donated to homeless charities. 🙏

We also made the time to visit our usual shelters and refuges with our home baked breads, bagels and muffins, including the wonderful ladies at Bethune House Refuge!

Breakfast is delivered to Bethune House