Putting A Sock On It

Home Kong Kitchen‘s community of home bakers and bread donators totally excelled themselves this week getting busy in the kitchen and creative in the… bedroom?… filling Christmas socks with delicious treats and thoughtful gifts for our homeless friends! We intend to distribute 100 gift socks to Impact HK, care homes, refuges and shelters to spread a little festive cheer this COVID Christmas! 

We are also stepping up our home baking drive to feed the homeless during the 4th wave of the pandemic to hit Home Kong. With bars and clubs closed and restaurants barely operating, charities that rely on food waste donations are struggling and the need to plug the gap is greater than ever! 

Never baked in your life? Join us! Don’t know the difference between a tsp and a tbsp? Don’t care! Think Bake Off is a British TV series about rival meth kitchens? We need YOUTo donate Christmas gift socks, bake or donate bread to Home Kong Kitchen, click HERE! To support Impact HK, click HERE! To support Breadline, click HERE! 🇭🇰 ✨ 🧦 🎄 🥖 🧁 💛 🙏🏻