Imprint 21 Launched!

Congratulations to the Women in Publishing Society on the launch of Imprint 21! I am excited to have had two humorous short stories published in this anthology, Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow from Sharp Pains and The Foodie Poo, a spoof restaurant review by my poodle, Mojo! The anthology launched at the FCC March 9 as part of the 2023 Hong Kong International Literary Festival. I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to read Bake Fail at the event. Bake Fail was published as A Piece of Cake by the South China Morning Post in 2022, which prevented it from being included in the anthology, but editor Carol Dyer, a keen bake failer, insisted I read it anyway!

Imprint 21 is available from Bookazine, Kidnapped, Lion Rock Press and Vibe. You can also pick up a copy from the FCC (Foreign Correspondents Club). Congrats to all the women with WiPS for putting on such a fun event and to the HKILF 2023 for curating such a diverse literary feast!