A Twisted Adult Fairytale About Obsessive Love!

Looking forward to collaborating with Elementi Media on their latest film Limerence, a twisted adult fairytale about obsessive love! Produced by Carl Bradshaw and directed by Ilze Millere, the main character, Gilda (Roe Haven), battles anxiety, loneliness, panic attacks and her own overactive mind. To help spread Limerence’s mental health message and support their work, please follow them on facebook and support their crowdfunding campaign

I recently co-produced my first narrative feature Transference: A Bipolar Love Story with Contro Vento Films. The film is now complete and has been generating some great buzz online! Check out the Spark Adobe review by psychotherapist Nikolas Antoniades below and stay tuned for news of the film’s premiere at film festivals in 2020!

Meanwhile, the experimental short film that inspired Transference: A Bipolar Love Story has also been experiencing festival success. The film, which also inspired 6 Short Love Stories, was announced a semi-finalist at the Best Short Film Fest in Canada. It was shortlisted for a NIFA Award and has just been selected for the 2019 Goa International Film Festival. Whoop!