Transference Goes Viral!

Transference has had over 10 million views on YouTube! (11M+ now.) Such a pleasure to have co-produced this bipolar love story, directed by and starring the uber-talented Raffaello Degruttola. This is apparently considered ‘viral‘. If you’ve still not seen it, you can watch the full movie for free below!

Very excited to be working with Raff on a funny love story feature film about an Italian family based on the story of his life! It reminds me of The Del Vecchios, which I worked on with Raff and the late, great Alex Giannini for the best part of a decade and was shown many moons ago in BBC webisodes. The film’s script is hilarious and oddly moving, although we haven’t settled on a title for it yet. Raff can currently be seen as a major character in an episode of Emmy-winning comedy series Ted Lasso. He also had a funny cameo in The Hustle last year, which was included in the film’s trailer