Transference Headlines 2021 Arizona Film Fest!

Transference will be one of the films opening the 2021 Arizona International Film Festival, which kicks off tomorrow (April 14)! Director and male lead Raffaello Degruttola will be giving an illuminating webinar discussing the inspirations behind the bipolar love story film at 3pm PST on Saturday. Thanks to the festival for selecting Transference (originally for its 2020 film festival, which was cancelled because of COVID) and to the Tuscon Weekly for mentioning the film in their article about it!

Meanwhile, here’s a very honest review by Alejandro Turdo

…And another by the Midwest Film Journal:

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Very proud to have co-produced this low-budget indie film with Raffaello Degruttola and his team at Contro Vento Films through Mental Ideas! Download the film here:

 Transference: A Love Story (2020) on IMDb