Crazy – Mental Ideas Podcast

With new material and a medley of studio excerpts from the first series, Crazy is a cheeky little fiesta of madness. The Mental Ideas Podcast will be back soon! A compilation of this season’s highlights and ‘extras’ will soon be available on Mental Ideas and all the usual podcast places!

A HUGE thank you to my mental guests: Mat Ricardo, Christina Yung, Larry Feign, Ruben M, Florence Wong, Josh Walters, Dan Davies, Kiki Wong, Jackie Chan, Philippe Joly, Eugenia Kim, Raffaello Degruttola, as well as to Nick Samuel for composing the mental music, Angie Mann – and especially to the wonderful Noreen Mir for exec producing and all her endless encouragement and support!!!

You can catch me presenting my humorous new radio column on RTHK Radio 3 the last Tuesday of every month from Sept! Also stay tuned for news of two new podcasts swinging into development and a rerun of As Bad As It Gets on RTHKUntil then, have a great summer!


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